If you didn’t get a chance to read my blog post I talked about self-love around Valentine’s season and things you can do to celebrate yourself during the month of February, something that I really wanted to do for my first drop of the year is create some sort of self-love “kit” that people could purchase for themselves or someone they know.

When I was doing my research the only “self-love” kits I could really find were actually just self-pamper kits that included things like bath bombs, candles, chocolate, face masks, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good spa kit, but I wanted to come out with something a little different and hopefully a little more interactive when it comes to practicing self-love.


Introducing my first ever (self) love letter kit, Valentine's Edition. In the kit you will receive a DIY self-love letter, marker to fill our your letter, free t-shirt, and a free mystery item from a previous launch. I wanted to include items that were meaningful and fun this Valentine’s Day and plan to make even bigger and better self-love kits as my business grows in the future.


However you plan on celebrating this Valentine’s Day, I hope you are able to treat yourself and practice some self-love because you deserve it!


Happy V Day,