A lot of the time when we practice self-care and self-love it is in regard to our mental health and the negative thoughts and dialog that many of us experience. It can become exhausting trying to liberate yourself from your own harmful patterns which is why tangible habits can be very empowering.

Here are are some of my favorite, tangible practices I have used on my self-love journey and no, this list isn't going to be about taking bubble baths and wearing face masks (although we do love these things).


1. Cook/order your favorite meal

2. Put on your favorite outfit 

3. Say no

4. Journal for 5-10 minutes 

5. Move your body (outside for bonus points)

6. Shut your electronics off for 1 hour 

7. Clean your fridge and fill it with your fresh/favorite foods

8. Buy yourself flowers 

9. Clean out your car

10. Prioritize drinking more water for that day


For so long we have been taught that self-care is selfish, when in fact it is the complete opposite. The best ways to help serve others in our life is to make sure we are taking care of ourselves first. 

The next time you are feeling down, try incorporating one or more of these habits and see how much it can uplift your day!